Meat Licencing Law

*DRAFT Meat Licencing Act*

It is against the law to purchase or consume meat, without an appropriate licence.

People wishing to purchase or consume meat, are required, by law, to obtain an appropriate licence.

It is through a specific and supervised engagement in the act of killing an animal, that citizens will obtain their meat licence.

25.06.2013 (Version 2.1)


Statement of Aims

From the beginning of January 2012 The Meat Licence Proposal operates with the following aims:

Ultimate Aim:

Enactment of citizen-led "meat licencing law" which would compel engagement with the act of killing implicit in the consumption of meat.

Medium Term Aims:

Develop and produce products for the market which will bring consumers closer to the slaughter of animals.

Build bridges between citizen and lawmaker.

 Constant Aim:

Close the gap between product and process, especially in areas of food production and consumption.

25.06.2013 (Version 1.1)

first edition Meat Licences

From the 1st of July 2013 it is possible for people to obtain a Meat Licence document (issued in an edition of 100) which legally testifies to the individual's specific and engagement with acts of killing.


Background Information

Since the establishment of The Meat Licence Proposal on January 1st 2008 it has been the primary aim that a workable citizen-led meat licencing law be devised and enacted. 

The fundamental premise driving The Meat Licence Proposal as both an organisation and online community is a sense that people who are comfortable eating meat should be equally comfortable killing animals.

The Meat Licence Proposal was initiated and is overseen by the UK-based artist John O'Shea.