First Edition Meat Licences

Submitted by Administrator on Tue, 06/25/2013 - 10:33

I am pleased to announce that first edition Meat Licence documents are available from 1st of July 2013 to any individual who has legally demonstrated their own specific and personal engagement with acts of killing.

Following a successful test and demonstration of the process by Sascha Landshoff in the Netherlands (during the first six months of 2013) a limited edition of legally valid Meat Licence documents will be made available to individuals who can demonstrate their engagement with acts of killing in the categories "fish", "bird", and "mammal" (further specified in the new section on the website "How to Obtain your Meat Licence" which is available 1st of July 2013). *The implimentation of this online registration scheme has been postponed - new date tbc.

These first edition Meat Licence documents are available worldwide starting from the 1st of July in a strictly limited edition of one hundred.

Dutch chef and photographer, Sascha Landshoff (assisted by Philip Schuette) became the first individual to obtain the Meat Licence which is a document legally recognising his specific personal engagement with acts of killing animals. 

During the first six months of 2013, Landshoff researched and then took part in acts of animal slaughter, conducted within the Dutch legal framework, which is underpinned by European Union law.  (His experiences can be followed in detail here on his blog.)  

Sascha's research helped to specify which categories of animal are required for the Meat Licence, described as "fish" "bird" and "mammal".  On completion of each of the acts (witnessed by Schuette) Lanschoff completed sworn affidavit documents (downloadable from this website from 1st of July 2013) which testify to his engagement with the specified acts of killing.  

On receipt of the scanned affidavit in each of the three categories ("fish", "bird" and "mammal") the Meat Licence, pictured above, was issued: this is the first Meat Licence to be issued, in an edition of one hundred. 

Sacha's work to obtain the Meat Licence is the basis of an exhibition and book which is being launched at the Royal Academy of Art, in The Hague, from the 26th of June 2013.



Since 2008 The Meat Licence Proposal, established by artist John O'Shea, has determined to bring about the enactment of a Meat Licencing Law requiring individuals wishing to purchase or consume meat to obtain a licence through their direct engagement with the act of killing an animal.  

In awarding these first edition Meat Licences to individuals who have demonstrated their engagement with acts of killing it is hoped that there will be a greater awareness and understanding of acts of animal slaughter which take place all of the time globally. This "making visible" of killing processes, which are usually hidden, will help to: "close the gap between product and process, especially in areas of food production and consumption" which is one of the constant aims of The Meat Licence Proposal.

John O'Shea

25 June 2013