On the 29th of January 2010, The Meat Licence Proposal introduced - "CLINIC" - a new consultation framework for engaging the public with aspects of the proposed Meat Licencing Law.

Through the process of "CLINIC" citizens are invited to put forward any problems that they may have with The Meat Licence Proposal in order that these reservations be logged and categorised.

Contributions from both skeptics and enthusiasts are welcomed.

Primarily, "CLINIC' provides the opportunity to raise issues arising from the proposed Meat Licencing Law.  Secondly, citizens can outline potential solutions and avenues of future enquiry. 

Citizens can make their representation anonymously, or if prefered, submissions can be credited in having contributed to the development of the new Meat Licencing Law.

Please get in contact if you would like information about hosting a Meat Licence Proposal "CLINIC" as part of your event, exhibition or demonstration.

The Meat Licence Proposal wishes to thank Anita McKeown of "Tasty! Talks" for the opportunity to launch this new scheme and Nils, (organisor of Dirty Cop Friday) for hosting 'CLINIC' at the Old Deptford Police Station, Deptford.

Contributions from January's 'CLINIC' can be found here.